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hideous hopeless cruel happy 

for e-guitar 


when bashful hands assume silence beyond pink hollyhock existence 

for e-guitar, percussion, piano, violoncello, electronics and video 


between mirrors: memories blundering merge 

music theatre in 4 scenes for soprano, ensemble, electronics and video 

ensemble: flute, clarinet (& bass clarinet), trombone, percussion, piano, viola, violoncello, double bass



the particular fact of "where" as such  

miniature for orchestra


at times, I let the walls of my house blossom out 

for piano 


world is probably made of roses, so-ons and ashes 

for viola 



canzone, io so che tu girai parlando 

for voice and violoncello 


21 frammenti di una cronologia del sogno 

for violin and piano 


atrocity of sunsets 

for flute, tenor sax, percussion, piano, e-guitar and violoncello 


as small as a world, as large as alone 

electro-acoustic piece for choreography by Isidora Markovic

commissioned by STARTBAHN 2020: Hessisches Staatstheater (GE)  

6 brief glimpses of an eye-clouded man 

for baritone, flute, english horn, harp, guitar, viola, violoncello and double bass 

• on poem Archipelagoes (from Map of the new world) by Derek Walcott 


across the passing hours.1 

for violoncello 





electro-acoustic piece for choreography by Isidora Markovic

commissioned by Exquisite Corpse 2019: Nuremberg State Theatre (GE) 

that by which we stutter and sing 

for guitar 




for flute, clarinet, bassoon, percussion, viola and double bass


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