at times, I let the walls of my house blossom out 

for piano solo 

[participation in Kalevi Aho's workshop with K!ART Ensemble at UML Festival (FIN)]

the particular fact of "where" as such 

miniature for orchestra 

[participation in Carola Bauckholt's workshop with ESMUC Orchestra at MIXTUR Festival (ESP)] 

hideous hopeless cruel happy 

for e-guitar

dedicated to Luca Guidarini

between mirrors: memories blundering merge

monodrama in 4 scenes for soprano, ensemble, electronics and video 

world is probably made of roses, so-ons and ashes 

for viola solo

[participation in Mauro Lanza's workshop with Divertimento Ensemble (IT)]


6 brief glimpses of an eye-clouded man

for baritone, flute, english horn, harp, guitar, viola, violoncello and double bass 

• on poem Archipelagoes (from Map of the new world) by Derek Walcott 

atrocity of sunsets 

for flute, tenor sax, percussion, piano, e-guitar and violoncello 

commissioned by CROSSROADS Festival 2020 (AU) with Collettivo_21

across the passing hours.1

for violoncello solo

commissioned by EstOvest Festival for the project Isole d´istanti 2020 

as small as a world, as large as alone 

electro-acustic piece for choreography by Isidora Markovic

commissioned by STARTBAHN 2020: Hessisches Staatstheater (GE)  

canzone, io so che tu girai parlando 

for voice and violoncello 

commissioned by Ravenna Festival – giovani artisti (IT) 

21 frammenti di una cronologia del sogno 

for violin and piano 

commissioned by Festival ECHI – Sguardi murati 2020 (IT)


that by which we stutter and sing 

for guitar solo

dedicated to Giovanni Martinelli


electro-acustic piece for choreography by Isidora Markovic

commissioned by Exquisite Corpse 2019: Nuremberg State Theatre (GE) 



for flute, clarinet, bassoon, percussion, viola and double bass

commissioned by Festival Contemporanea 2018 (IT)