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15/06/2022 Festival KLANG - Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival 

@Musikhuset in Copenhagen, Denmark 


when bashful hands assume silence beyond pink hollyhock existence (2022)*

for piano, percussion, e-guitar, violoncello, electronics and video 

played by K!ART Ensemble  



21/07/2022 Cantiere Internazionale D'arte Montepulciano 

@Teatro Poliziano in Montepulciano, Italy 

between mirrors: memories blundering merge (2021-2022)*

for voice, ensemble and electronics 

soprano: Laura Zecchini

played by AltreVoci Ensemble  

conducted by Francesco Bossaglia 

Musica & Libretto: Sara Stevanovic 

Director: Barbara di Lieto 

Video: Barbara di lieto & Francesco Demichelis



Salotto in prova, Milan, Italy 

that by which we stutter and sing 

for guitar solo 

played by Giovanni Martinelli 

27/10/2021 Festival CROSSROADS

Solitär, Universität Mozarteum, Salzburg, Austria

atrocity of sunsets*

for flute, tenox sax, percussions, piano, e-guitar and violoncello  

played by Collettivo_21



10/10/2021 Festival MIXTUR

Barcelona, Spain

the particular fact of "where" as such* 

for orchestra 

played by ESMUC Orchestra, conducted by Ernest Martínez Izquierdo



3/10/2021 Festival UML 

Oulu, Finland

at times, I let the walls of my house blossom out *

for piano solo 


played by rob durnin (K!ART Ensemble)


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