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between mirrors: 
memories blundering merge

music theatre in 4 scenes

for voice, ensemble, electronics and video

music and text by Sara Stevanovic

commissioned by 47° Cantiere Internazionale D'Arte di Montepulciano 

premiere: July 21st 2022 @Teatro Poliziano in Montepulciano (IT)

with Laura Zecchini (sopran) and Ensemble AltreVoci, conducted by Francesco Bossaglia

score between mirrors memories blundering merge sara stevanovic

Between mirrors: memories blundering merge (2020-2021) refers to a hypothesis stating that in not- so-far-future the humankind might completely lose the ability of creating long-term memories. Located in the hypothetical future, the main protagonist describes the feeling of a void, of being in constant search. Her senses can recognize the things already experienced but her mind is incapable of creating a mental imagery and connecting the external stimulus to an existing memory. Forgetting is a complete eradication, the removal of both memory and its echo. Even loss would be an inaccurate description since she is not aware of losing. The feeling of a void will put her on search, but the aim of it is blurry and vague. The protagonist decides to ask for help and is leaded by a virtual therapist through the questionary that should reveal the nature of her personality and help the therapist find a method for reversing her “loss”. If outsourcing our memories does indeed lead to a short-term memory humankind: would that be a kind of blessing? Without memories would the mind be able to perceive with absolute clarity? Relentlessly open to the world, to each vital detail, perceiving each day as a novelty? How would that define us? Or rather, what would define us if we lack the memory of child innocence, of running barefoot, of one unconditional love?

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