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when bashful hands assume silence beyond pink hollyhock existence

for 6 musicians/performers, video and electronics

commissioned by KLANG Festival and K!ART Ensemble

premiere: June 15th 2022 @KLANG Festival in Copenhagen (DK) with K!ART Ensemble

revised version (2023)

premiere: August 2nd 2023 @IMPULS Festival in Graz (AU) with Kollektiv Unruhe

pink new.jpg

a close-up can be defined as a reflecting surface that gathers or expresses all kinds of intensive micro-movements. Each time we discover these two poles in something we can say that this thing has been “faceified” and in turn it stares at us, it looks at us: it is a reflecting and reflected unit. In this sense, the process of faceification permits a further investigation of an object, its origins and its parts as well as a deeper analysis of the observer and of what is being reflected. The piece puts the composer in close-up while observing her through the eyes of a pink hollyhock (known as a symbol of the circle of life, ambition, prosperity) existence. 

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